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Oct 04, 2019

There is no shortage of great tacos in the city of Las Vegas. Whether you’re looking for a Las Vegas taco Tuesday or a late-night taco cart, thee options are delicious and endless. However, what happens when you pit two district’s known for tantalizing downtown Las Vegas tacos against each other? It’s a taco showdown! In one corner we have the Fremont East taco spots and in the other East Charleston Boulevard taco spots. Where should you go for your next Las Vegas taco fiesta?

We’ve outlined three contenders from each area, but you are going have to do the hard work of trying the goods at these six temples of taco to find the winner. So, in loosely the words of famed ring announcer Michael Buffer, Let’s get ready to tacooooooooo!

Fremont East District

Santos Guisados Tacos & Beer - 616 E. Carson Ave.


The newest contender, this inviting spot allows you to order at a taco confessional. The only sin here is that there are too many combinations to try in one visit. You have the traditional al pastor, fish, carnitas and carne asada as well as originals such as the chicharron verde, fried pork slow-cooked in salsa verde topped with pork rinds, and the holy mole featuring shredded chicken in a flavorful mole negro. Vegetarians, there are also multiple options for you! The wild mushroom and herb taco is popular and there is also a crispy cauliflower taco tossed with furikake and mango sauce.

Pinches Tacos - 707 Fremont St. #5


A shop with the added bonus of being able to chomp your tacos outside at Downtown Container Park, this is one of two locations in the valley. Can’t decide on just one to try? ThePinches combo comes with any three tacos, with rice, beans and chips. All the usual tacos make an appearance from asada to pollo and carnitas, but something different on the menu is the crispy fried fish topped with creamy Veracruz coleslaw. For the less adventurous eater, Pinches offers the gringos taco, a ground beef beauty that puts typical fast food tacos to shame.

La Comida - 100 S. Sixth St.


The same group behind La Cave brought La Comida to downtown in 2013. Since then, the restaurant with the pink neon monkey has been serving their take on traditional Mexican cuisine. From chicken and carne asada to fish and shrimp, they have it all. Other offerings include ceviche, chile relleno, enchiladas, fajitas, soups and salads. They also have over 100 tequilas if you want to pair tacos and tequila.

East Charleston Boulevard

Tacos El Gordo de Tijuana - 1724 E. Charleston Blvd.


Authentic Tijuana tacos from a family that has been in the business of food for more than 40 years and serving up delicious tacos in Las Vegas since 2010. Handmade corn tortillas cradle fresh ingredients in a lively shop where you yell out your order as taco engineers carve meats off huge spits. This spot has an assembly line feel to it and it allows you to pick exactly what you want on your favorite taco. If you’re basic, the carne asada and spice pork adobada are for you, but the more adventurous will want to indulge in the lengua or beef tongue.

Los Tacos - 1710 E. Charleston Blvd.


While this is a battle between East Fremont and East Charleston, you could have side action with Los Tacos and Tacos El Gordo as a few hundred feet of parking lot is all that separates these eateries. Both Los Tacos locations keep it simple and easy; this one is the original. A taco with everything comes with cheese, beans and meat served between two warm corn tortillas and topped with fresh pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole. In addition to the normal meat options, they offer buche (fried pig’s esophagus), beef head and beef tongue. Seafood lovers can also opt for tostadas and/or seafood cocktails.

Mariscos Playa Escondida - 1203 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite 140


Known for seafood, this hole in the wall restaurant is a hit with locals and visitors. With so many offerings, make sure to give yourself time to look through the entire menu before ordering. If you’re going straight for the tacos, you can go with the traditional options or try one of their three specials: Gobernator (fried taco with shrimp, cheese, rice, onion and grilled jalapenos), Marlin (fried taco with fish, cheese and avocado) and Tubbz (fried taco with shrimp, cheese, tomato, onion and cilantro).

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