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Jan 09, 2023

How is downtown Las Vegas different from the Las Vegas Strip? The main differences between the two areas can be found by examining downtown Las Vegas’ history and unique qualities.


One unique quality about downtown Las Vegas is its walkability. We continue to move forward with projects to improve and create new pedestrian friendly areas.

Project Enchilada was a recently enacted plan to revitalize Fremont East with the addition of wider sidewalks, bike lanes and trees. Fremont East is home to some of the most unique bars and restaurants in Las Vegas in addition to neon signs that make it the perfect Instagrammable spot.

Main Street in the 18B Las Vegas Arts District is an open, walkable area where visitors can enjoy restaurants, bars and shopping.


To improve upon walkability, we also provide a free shuttle service called the Downtown Loop to get visitors around. The shuttle’s route includes 13 stops at popular areas downtown, such as the Arts District, Brewery Row, Fremont Street Experience and the Mob Museum, also known as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement.

Vintage Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas brings another element to the table that the Strip does not– a taste of vintage Las Vegas.

Downtown is characterized by its classic, neon aesthetic. Historical landmarks and neon signs like the beloved Vegas Vic are sprinkled all across the downtown area. Projects like the Las Vegas Boulevard Improvement Project pay homage to downtown’s rich history by spearheading the refurbishment of several iconic neon signs.


One-Of-A-Kind Museums

Further highlighting Las Vegas’ intriguing past, downtown is home to one-of-a-kind museums. Exhibitions such as The Mob Museum and the Neon Museum provide unparalleled views into Las Vegas’ unique history.

Home To Wedding Capital Of The World

With 150+ marriages per day, Las Vegas is the “Marriage Capital of the World.” With no waiting period, you can get a license and be married in the same day. Downtown Las Vegas is home to not only to some of the most famous and historic wedding chapels, but also the Clark County Marriage License Bureau. Because of the famous drive-thru weddings and chapels downtown, Las Vegas is internationally known as the place to tie the knot.

wedding row.jpeg

Another notable aspect that is exclusive to downtown Las Vegas is Wedding Row. Twelve colorful banners in Wedding Row feature happy couples tying the knot in Las Vegas and are located downtown where there are multiple chapels offering a plethora of ways to get hitched. The banners can be seen hanging from downtown light posts along Third Street between Bridger and Bonneville avenues, on Lewis Avenue between Casino Center Boulevard and Third, on Bridger between Casino Center and Third and other locations downtown.

Millions of couples have chosen downtown Las Vegas as their wedding destination, from notable pairs like Elvis and Priscilla Presley to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck and Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker.

Art Scene

Another component of downtown Las Vegas is all of its remarkable art. The Arts District, along with the rest of the downtown area, is virtually covered with murals, art exhibits and monuments like the fire shooting Mantis sculpture at The Container Park.

Altogether, downtown Las Vegas truly is a standalone nexus of art, history and tourism.