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Jul 07, 2019

Two large earthquakes struck California this week, leaving residents of both California and southern Nevada rattled. Being prepared is essential to surviving any disaster, but does your emergency plan include your fur babies?

For many, pets are part of the family. It is important to develop an emergency plan for your four-legged family members.

During An Earthquake

If Outside During Earthquake Seek an open area away from trees, power lines or buildings. Try to hold on to your pet's leash.

If Inside During Earthquake Don't automatically hold your pet. If your pet is calm, keep your pet with you in a safe spot underneath a sturdy desk or table. If your pet is agitated, let it go. Animals are adept at finding shelter on their own and an agitated animal may scratch or bite you in an effort to get away.

Preparing For Emergencies 

Make Emergency Supply Kit One step you can take is to pack pet supplies into your emergency supply kit. Keep at least three days of food and water for your pets. Make sure your kit also includes medicine and medical records for your pet(s); a first aid kit specifically for animals; a collar with an ID tag; and a harness or a leash. It is also important to keep an extra pet carrier; as well as sanitation supplies such as kitty litter, a litter box, newspapers, paper towels, plastic trash bags and/or household bleach. Finally, include a selfie of you and your pet in the event you become separated and need to prove ownership and/or locate your missing animal.

Research Evacuation Sites That Allow Pets In addition to pet supplies, it is important to have a plan for your pet. Try to secure places in advance where you can shelter your animal(s) if you need to evacuate your home. These locations can include homes of family or friends; pet-friendly hotels; or kennels. Plan with neighbors, family members or friends who can care for your pets if you are unable to following an emergency. It is important to familiarize your animals with these caregivers in advance.

Update Contact List Maintain a list of contacts of animal organizations like the Animal Foundation. All animals that are found by Animal Control are taken to the Animal Foundation be be reunited with their families.

Disasters affect pets as well as humans. A few steps can help keep your furry friends safe.

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