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Jan 28, 2019

If a disaster strikes your community, how well prepared you are can mean the difference between a short or lengthy recovery.

Most know of the importance of having an emergency kit, an emergency plan, and essential supplies, but some other little known resources are also available.

Did you know that the American Bar Association provides a number of resources for both legal professionals and the general public? These include: checklists, technical information, disaster planning guides, cybersecurity tips and much more. The ABA also offers volunteer opportunities for legal professionals during the aftermath of disasters such as Hurricane Maria and the California wildfires.

If you represent an organization, such as a business or a school, you can also get free disaster preparedness guidance through the American Red Cross’ Ready Rating program.

The program enables organizations to complete confidential assessments of their readiness level for emergencies, and receive immediate feedback on how to improve their readiness score. The Ready Rating program also helps businesses maintain compliance with OSHA regulations.

Finally, the Centers for Disease Control provides emergency preparedness tips for businesses. The information includes management planning guides, facility protection and guides for chemical safety, as well as biological or radiological events.

Regardless of which resource you use, information is available for those who wish to be better prepared for the unexpected.