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Dec 01, 2019

You can never go wrong with classic comfort food and lots of sweets! These Las Vegas pies combine both of those things. Here are five local places to get a slice or a whole pie:

Du par’s – If you like a historic pedigree to go with your pie, Du-par’s is your spot. The first Du-par’s was founded in 1938 in Los Angeles and there is an outpost in Las Vegas now. They have a large selection including old-fashioned egg custard to rhubarb, chocolate cream, pumpkin, banana cream and coconut cream.


The Goodwich – You may not think to go to the “stacked-rite sandwich” shop for a slice of pie, but you really should. Available only a few times a week, these pies are baked with love by the owner’s mom. There is no set menu because she bakes what she wants to, when she wants to. Call ahead to find out if pie is available and reserve a slice because these slices go quickly.


Honey Salt –This farm-to-table spot offers one pie, but it is all you need. The Brown Bag Apple Pie is a generous helping of large chunks of apples covered in an almost cobbler crust. This slice of heaven is served hot out of the oven with vanilla bean ice cream on the side.


Lola’s – A Louisiana Kitchen – Southern food done right is the goal at Lola’s and they hit a home run with the delectable sweet potato pecan pie. Served warm this ode to all things homey brings the not too sweet potatoes together with candied pecans for an amazing bite. Pair it with the homemade Chantilly cream, and you have one of Las Vegas’ most unique bites.


Lou’s Diner - Comfort food and friendly faces is what you will get at Lou’s Diner, a community fixture for 50 years. Servers at Lou’s are equal parts sweet and sassy and so is the diner-style pies. The daily pie offering range from pecan, cherry, apple, raspberry and more, all baked into a golden brown, flakey crust. Ask for it a la mode or with whipped cream.


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