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Aug 22, 2019

If you really think about it, the waffle was a great invention. The crevices are the perfect size for butter and syrup to melt into and they can be sweet or savory! No matter what type of waffle you prefer, we have three Las Vegas waffles to try in the city:

Gritz Café: Chicken & Waffle

For the past 11 years, Gritz Café has been serving Las Vegas residents a taste of the South. One of their specialties is the fried chicken & Waffle. Whether you prefer to eat these together or separately, that’s completely up to you, but you’re definitely going to want to eat them. You can order two or four wings to be served alongside a warm waffle that makes a piece of butter melt instantly. The wings are crispy and “finger lickin’ good” while the waffle brings back memories of freshly made waffle breakfasts. The specialty also comes with a side of their famous gritz so make sure you leave enough room to enjoy everything.


Stacks & Yolks: Churro Waffle

If you are one of those people who can’t visit Disneyland without having multiple churros, then you are in luck, because you can now get your fix right here in Las Vegas in waffle-form at Stacks & Yolks. This is a match made in heaven – fluffy waffle meets cinnamon churro. This plate-sized treat comes out with an ice cream scoop of melting butter on top. The crispy, crunchy outer shell is completely covered in cinnamon sugar and inside is a fluffy donut-like consistency. You do not even need syrup to enjoy this delicacy. When you finish the waffle you will find a combination of butter and cinnamon left on your plate that will remind you of what is left in the pan after baking cinnamon rolls. Go ahead and use your fork to scrape up that last little bit of cinnamon-goodness, we won’t judge.    


Waffelato: Waffelato

What is a waffelato? Exactly what it sounds like, a waffle with gelato. Located in Container Park, Waffelato specializes in Hong Kong style egg waffles and Italian gelato. Their waffles are made to order and available in chocolate, vanilla and marble (you’re going to want to get the marble.) The combo of a fresh hot waffle with a scoop or two of cold gelato is the perfect yin and yang. And if you opt to do the waffle on its own, it makes for a just as delicious snack!