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Aug 01, 2019

On your Republic Services Bill, you have likely noticed an environmental surcharge added by the city of Las Vegas.

LVMC 9.08.245(A) allows the city of Las Vegas to impose a surcharge of up to five percent to be added to all customer billings to provide for the following: 

  • the remedial action or removal or related activities at a solid waste disposal site;
  • environmentally sound solid waste collection and disposal; and
  • such other environmental programs and activities as may benefit the public health, safety and welfare.

On July 17, 2019, the surcharge was implemented by resolution and adopted by the City Council to assist with sanitation and public health issues throughout the city. The surcharge will generate about $4 million annually to clean up sidewalks, streets and storm drains and keep containments out of Lake Mead, the valley’s source for water.

The five percent surcharge beganOct. 1, 2019 on Republic Services billing statements.  For residentialcustomers, this is a 76-cent increase on monthly bills, just $2.28 a quarter or$9.12 per year.

Public health and safety are top priorities at the city of Las Vegas, and this small fee will go a long way to protecting our entire community. To View the entire resolution click here.

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