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Jul 26, 2019


“There are a few lingering grasshoppers in the Las Vegas area that may be around for the next few weeks. We should not see increased numbers as they are nearing the end of their lifecycle.” - Jeff Knight, the state entomologist for the Agriculture Department.  

You may have seen grasshoppers around Las Vegas in the droves lately and wondered where the heck they came from. Jeff Knight, the state entomologist for the Agriculture Department, has some answers for us. 

What are they?

Pallid-winged grasshoppers. They are a very common desert species.  


When we have a wet winter or spring, they build up in Laughlin and into Arizona. Their migration moves northward and bring them to southern Nevada. 

How long will it last?

They anticipate them lasting only a few weeks. When there are so many, they tend to move and are headed north.  

Are they dangerous? 

No. They don't carry diseases or bite and probably won’t even cause any damage in your yards. They do not eat wood. 

How can you avoid them?

They attracted to the ultraviolet lights so you can consider changing the lights outside of your house and garage. If you go to a low UV or amber light, they will move on. You’ll see the most under bright white lights at night.

Do you need to call the exterminator? 

There is really no point in spraying your house because they won’t be around long enough. They may lay 50-100 eggs that could hatch in the fall but they most likely won’t hatch because conditions are not right. They generally just eat weeds.

Has this happened before?

There is a record of this happening dating back to the early 60s. This has happened four or five times in the last 30 years if special weather conditions, like we had this year, allowed.

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