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Jan 19, 2021

Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, January 20. Below are some agenda items that may be of interest. Get the agenda and watch the meeting. 

Agenda Item 41 – Business License Relief: City Council approved an extension to provide affected businesses in the city of Las Vegas some relief from the negative impacts of the COVID-19 Emergency by granting the Director of the Planning Department the ability to administratively extend a temporary business license of any licensee who has exhausted all applicable temporary license extensions. The authorization allows affected businesses, under the discretion of the Director of the Planning Department, to maintain their temporary business licenses if they have exhausted all applicable temporary license extensions under Title 6 and the current COVID-19 emergency has prevented them from requesting their permanent business license.

Agenda Item 44 – Alcohol Delivery License: City Council established a new alcohol delivery support service alcoholic beverage license category, together with associated requirements and limitations, and expand the categories under which a business can exercise an ancillary alcoholic beverage license. The principal intent of the bill is to expand the ability of various off-premise alcoholic beverage licensees to deliver alcoholic beverages, subject to appropriate safeguards.

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