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May 01, 2019

Marijuana consumption lounges, otherwise known as social use venues, were approved today by the City Council. While marijuana is legal in the state of Nevada, it can only be consumed in private residences. Marijuana consumption lounges will offer safe locations for tourists and residents to partake in recreational marijuana. Here are five things to know about the ordinance.  

  • We are the first in the state of Nevada and one of the first in the entire country.
  • We don’t expect any to open for at least four months, if not longer.
  • Only the 22 marijuana dispensaries that are currently approved in city limits can apply for the first year. The consumption lounge cannot be in the same suite as the dispensary.
  • The lounges must be 300 feet away from churches and other protected venues. It must be 1,000 feet away from casinos and schools.
  • No alcohol will be allowed in consumption lounges.

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