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Nov 05, 2019

Symphony Park is seeing an exciting period of growth. This means vacant parcels once available for parking are now going to be home to wonderful additions to the 61 acres. This prompted the city to build two new parking garages to accommodate the new and future growth. To help defray the overall cost of these structures, the city will charge for parking. The city believes the parking fees are fair and reasonable, and much lower than at many other venues in town and around the nation.  In addition, the city has taken steps to make sure the garages will be as simple and convenient as possible for users.

Parking is $2 per hour, with a daily maximum of $10, however, for nonprofit community events such as performances at the Smith Center and First Fridays the event price is only $5 The Promenade and the City Parkway garages (see map) are now open downtown, adding 1,312 new parking spaces for motorists. The new garages are located in Symphony Park, with the 694-space Promenade garage directly west of the Discovery Children’s Museum, and the 618-space City Parkway garage located just east of The Smith Center for the Performing Arts.  Also, the City Hall parking garage located at 500 South Main is available, charging similar fees.  Thank you again for your inquiry in this matter.  

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