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Nov 15, 2021

Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, Nov. 17, at 9 a.m. Below are some agenda items that may be of interest. View the full agenda and watch a recap.

Agenda Item 11 – Better Cities for Pets Grant Program: City Council accepted an award for $20,000 for the Courtyard Homeless Resource Center, located at 314 Foremaster Lane, from the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS Grant Program 2021 to end pet homelessness and support keeping homeless people and pets together. The Courtyard is one of the only centers that allows clients experiencing homelessness to enter with their pets to avoid separation. Pets at the Courtyard are assisted with food and resources. The city also assists clients placed into housing with pet deposits and pet rent to ensure their pets can move in with them without financial barriers.

Agenda Item 12 – Health and Wellness Main: City Council approved a contract for the construction of a 9,000 square foot two-story facility at 1425 N. Main St. that will provide non-critical minor health services and medical examinations. The award amount includes the bid amount of $5,941,000 and $594,100 for the construction conflicts and contingency reserve. This project is funded through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), American Recovery Plan (ARP) and Medicaid funds. Benchmark Contracting, Inc. DBA Cobblestone Construction is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Agenda Item 13 – Chuck Minker Sports Complex: City Council approved a contract for three condition assessment packages for the Chuck Minker Sports Complex located at 275 N. Mojave Road. R. Brandon Sprague Architect, PC DBA Aptus is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Agenda Item 15 – Historic Westside Revitalization Consultant: City Council approved a contract modification to add additional scope to support implementation, and includes three one-year optional renewal periods which increases the total not-to-exceed contract amount by $300,000. The total not-to-exceed amount for this contract including all prior modifications is increased to $499,000. Centro, Inc. is located in Denver, Colorado.

Agenda Item 16 – Roulette Motel Sign: City Council accepted the donation of the Roulette Motel Sign located at 2019 E. Fremont St. The Roulette Motel is currently being renovated from a motel into residential apartments. The hotel was originally constructed in 1955 and was renovated in 1969, 1988 and 2013. A neon Roulette Motel sign was installed in front of the property in 1965 by the Young Electric Sign Company. The current sign is not the original 1965 version, but rather a later version. The exact age of the sign is unknown but according to historic images, it is likely over 40 years old. The current property owners, Preview Series, LLC, will not be including the neon sign in the renovation plans and have offered to donate the sign to the city of Las Vegas. The sign will be removed, restored and installed as part of the ongoing Las Vegas Boulevard Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan.

Agenda Item 31 – Pedestrian Bridge at Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard: City Council approved Interlocal Contract 1064 to fund preliminary engineering design of a pedestrian bridge at the intersection of Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard. This will provide an additional $2,000,000 to complete the design. The project is administered by the city in coordination with Clark County Public Works and is on the RTC’s adopted Transportation Investment Business Plan (TIBP). Total funding for the project shall not exceed $3,000,000 from Fuel Revenue Indexing Extension funds. The RTC approved this contract at their October 14, 2021, Board Meeting.

Agenda Item 37 – Updated Dangerous Buildings Code: City Council approved an updated Dangerous Buildings Code to better track state law on the subject and to be consistent with the city’s abatement strategies.

Agenda Item 40 – Redistricting Plan: A new bill was introduced to adjust the ward boundaries of the city in accordance with a redistricting plan, taking into account the most recent official census information. The bill also includes adjustments to reflect changes in precinct numbers made by the Clark County Election Department.

Agenda Item 50 – Maryland Parkway Corridor Transit-Oriented Development Plan: City Council adopted the Maryland Parkway Corridor Transit-Oriented Development Plan. This plan supports the implementation of the 2050 Master Plan and the Vision 2045 Downtown Las Vegas Masterplan and was jointly conducted by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) and Clark County. The overall project was funded in part through the Federal Transit Administration’s Section 20005(b) Transit Oriented Development Planning Program for the portion of the RTC designated route extending north along Maryland Pkwy from the airport to Las Vegas city limits at Sahara Avenue, through Downtown Las Vegas, and terminating at the Las Vegas Medical District.

Agenda Item 58 – Office of Community Services Report: Kathi Thomas, Director, and Arcelia Barajas, Deputy Director, Office of Community Services, provided a report regarding the Office of Community Services accomplishments and future projects

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