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Aug 26, 2019

The Upper Las Vegas Wash Development has been approved for land in the northwest. The developers who created Southern Highlands and Skye Canyon will bring this new concept to life. Here are some answers to common questions we have received.

Untitled design (15).png

Is there enough water?

Our city planners believe there is. Our community actually used 27 billion gallons less water in 2018 than in 2002, even as the population increased by 690,000 residents during that time. This community will be a model for sustainable development and water and energy conservation.

Why are you supporting new development?

Northwest Las Vegas is seeing growth in manufacturing and private sector industry. The city recently annexed 1,800 acres north of the Las Vegas Paiute Indian Reservation and 2,200 acres west of CC 215. Job growth has created a demand for housing in the area that is growing at a stable rate. Northwestern Las Vegas is an ideal location for regional growth due to the scenic natural setting, availability of developable land, and connectivity to transportation and trails.

What is the timeline?

The BLM has to approve the land to be transferred to the city. From there, the developer has to buy the land. We expect it to take about 18 months for that to happen and then construction may begin. A design plan must also be approved by the City Council.

Where will kids go to school?

A new high school will be opened approximately the same time this project breaks ground Skye Canyon Park Drive and Moccasin Road.The Upper Las Vegas Wash Vision Plan includes either a new elementary or middle school in their plans, depending on what the CCSD would prefer.

How will you provide enough open space?

The development has committed to saving 30 percent of the area for parks and open trails.

How will military families benefit?

We are working with Crear Air Force Base to develop new housing for military families.