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Nov 21, 2019

While the holiday is an opportunity to bring together families and good food, those who celebrate Thanksgiving should take a few precautions to ensure the holiday is a safe one.

The National Fire Protection Association reports Thanksgiving is a peak day for home cooking fires, with unattended cooking as the leading contributing factor.

The NFPA recommends some safety precautions when cooking Thanksgiving meals, including:

  • Frequently checking food as it is being cooked;
  • Keeping children away from the stove, hot food, matches/candles and sharp objects;
  • Make sure smoke alarms are in working order; and
  • Keeping the floor clear of obstacles.

The Food Safety and Inspection Service; U.S. Food and Drug Administration; and Centers for Disease Control also offer tips to ensure your Thanksgiving meal is safe, including:

  • Carefully reading the labels on your turkey before cooking it;
  • Using two thermometers – one to ensure the turkey is stored at the appropriate temperature and one to ensure the turkey is cooked to the appropriate temperature;
  • Separating the turkey from all other foods;
  • Refrigerating leftovers within two hours;
  • Avoiding eating leftovers that have been left in the refrigerator for longer than three to four days.

Thanksgiving can be a joyous occasion for many southern Nevada families. Taking some precautionary steps can help preserve the fun.

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