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Guideline to Coronavirus COVID-19

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What Precautions We're Taking & How You Can Help

2020 has been a year no one really expected. Or really wanted for that matter. But what really matters is you, your health and your safety. Which is why the Office of Cultural Affairs at the City of Las Vegas is taking these measures very seriously. Below is a quick guideline of what's to expect of us, but also yourselves as well in our facilities. We don't want this re-opening to be temporary. As much as we want to see every single one of your beautiful smiles, we will have to be okay with only seeing you eyes light up and hear the sounds of laughter in your voice.

We thank you in advance for your compliance.

Physical Distancing Protocols

Participants in classes, rehearsals, meetings, etc. shall maintain a distance of six feet. Rooms and performance spaces shall be set up to facilitate social distancing and all staff and must wear protective gear – which includes face masks and (if touching same materials or objects) disposable gloves at all times.

In situations where maintaining social distancing is not possible (such as dance class, rehearsals, performances, etc.), participants must pause activity to wash hands and face every hour.

Additionally, staff are assigned with observing participants’ behavior and must maintain department rules regarding touching one’s own face, nose, ears, etc. If a participant does not oblige by department guidelines, staff must immediately halt all activities and advise participants to wash hands, face, etc. immediately before returning to the activity.

Routine Cleaning & Disinfectant Protocols

High-touch areas in all classroom/studio/performance/gallery areas wiped with disinfectant once an hour when facility is open and in use by the public (including program patrons, participants and contracted artists/instructors).

High-touch areas in all classroom/studio/performance/gallery areas are wiped with disinfectant at the beginning and conclusion of each event/class. 

Employee/Public Considerations

Staff shall be required to wear face masks while in the facility. Face masks are required while working in office spaces and/or conference/meeting rooms.

Members of the public shall be required to wear face masks/facial coverings while inside the facility. Registered and/or on-going participants and their guardians (when applicable) shall be required to provide their own mask to be worn when at the facility.

Members of the public shall be required to wear face masks while inside the theater and/or performance spaces for the purpose of viewing a performance.Audiences shall be seated on a reserved-seating basis only. Groups of families will be distanced by at least six feet.
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