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Grand Gallery

495 S. Main St., 89101
Hours: Monday through Thursday 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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Grand Gallery

Exhibits at the Grand Gallery feature three-dimensional artwork by local and national artists. Work is chosen by proposals submitted for single artists work or group exhibits. The exhibits are scheduled to run approx. 12 weeks. It is a gallery program goal to show the public what is being made both in and out of state. Additionally, work chosen for exhibit is done so to show the community something they have not seen before either in the use of the medium or a new approach to a traditional subject.

Currently Showing:

David Baird's "Living Stones"
Through Oct. 21, 2021
Rocks and stones are used as powerful metaphors throughout the Biblical text. In this instance there is an implication that each individual should join with others and allow themselves to be fashioned into a non-material structure or “spiritual house.” Despite the promise of being filled with purpose, energy and power, this action requires sacrifice and the likelihood of being placed in an obscure position - hidden from view. The thought that one would consciously surrender their self-actualization and personal notoriety to participate in a collective mission is rarely celebrated today. This work is about our struggle to cultivate a unique identity while forming productive relationships to one another – building a spiritual house.

These works are special because they simultaneously define interior and exterior surfaces. They also offers the observer substantial authority over the composition of the work – a collaboration if you will. The “living stones” have no top or bottom, left or right. Each stone can be rotated and placed in multiple positions. The stones can also be arranged in infinite combinations and configurations. In this gallery setting please refrain from touching the work.

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