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Land Use & Environment

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The city’s efforts and investments in its parks and public spaces, redevelopment of downtown and infill areas and water conservation have already proven successful. Our plan will address the physical growth and land use, while considering best practices to conserve natural resources. However, much of the city’s overall urban form is auto-oriented, suburban land patterns, which present challenges for transportation choices and housing affordability. Given both the projected increase in population and the changes in the commercial retail sector, there are a number of new opportunities for growth in addition to the existing downtown redevelopment efforts for transit-oriented and infill development and the redevelopment of aging and vacant shopping centers. The plan will consider: Where are the opportunities for future growth? What corridors or locations within the city should be planned for? If growth and suburban expansion continues, how should it be planned for and designed?


Southern Nevada’s air and water quality are above Federal standards. Conservation and restoration efforts in the Las Vegas Wash and at Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon and Tule Springs highlight the region’s commitments to natural resource protection. However, efforts must be increased, especially given the drought and water levels at Lake Mead.

What are the best ways to grow as a city? How else should the city protect the natural environment? Please send us feedback and check back to this page throughout the plan development process.

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