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Quality of Life

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With a great climate, low cost of living and plenty of amenities and destinations, it isn’t difficult to understand what attracts visitors and new residents to Las Vegas. Our plan will address the services and needs of the community that will continue to make Las Vegas a great place to live, work and visit.

Actions taken by the city have shown improvements in the quality and access to basic human services over time. However, strengthened social services and poverty prevention efforts are needed, as well as improving accessibility and civic engagement, especially in lower-income areas. Combatting homelessness will remain a continued priority, especially around downtown where major service providers are located. Education also remains a concern; attaining quality educational opportunities in all grades and levels throughout the Clark County School District and at higher education institutions is critical for the city’s long-term success.

The city, Southern Nevada Health District and its partners are national leaders in emergency prevention and response and have been working to attain healthy outcomes for residents. The city must continue to work with providers to develop an active, healthy and safe community that has access to fresh health food choices, improved community health systems and work with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to continue the prevention and reduction of violent crime and property crimes.

What makes Las Vegas a livable, equitable, healthy and safe place? Please send us feedback and check back to this page throughout the plan development process.

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