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Animal Protection Services

2824 E. Charleston Blvd., 89104

We’ve strengthened our animal cruelty laws to help protect pets. 

The Animal Foundation houses and cares for animals.

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Animal Protection Services is responsible for educating city residents about animal-related state statutes and ordinances under Title VII of the Las Vegas Municipal Code. We receive over 20,000 calls a year, spanning 140 square miles of the city of Las Vegas jurisdiction.

Animal protection services officers help residents gain compliance with city ordinances. Officers generally train for 16 weeks before they address calls for service independently. In addition, officers attend nationally recognized trainings on animal handling and cruelty investigations whenever possible.

The primary mission of an officer is to ensure that pets are healthy and alert. According to the National Animal Care & Control Association, neglect is often passive and occurs when the owner does not provide something essential (food, water, shelter). The most common reason for passive cruelty is a lack of understanding in which the owner honestly does not know their responsibilities under the law. Animal Protection Officers are tasked with learning the reason(s) why the owner cannot achieve the minimum standard of care for a pet, which often may include economic hardship, cultural norms and mental illness.

It has become generally accepted that an animal's mental health can deteriorate while isolated in a shelter environment; therefore, animal impoundment is the last course of action, and achieving the minimum standard of care in an animal's current environment is our priority. Please call 702.229.6444, option 2, to report any animal-related concerns.

Follow the links below If you want to adopt an animal or are looking for your lost animal.

Community Cats

In December 2015, the city of Las Vegas adopted an ordinance to allow free-roaming cats within the city wards, and residents are allowed to be community cat caregivers.

As defined by ordinance 7.04.185 community cat caregiver means any person who, in accordance with a good faith effort to trap, sterilize, vaccinate, and return any community cat, provides voluntary care, including without limitation food, water, and medical care, to a community cat or community cat colony.

Cats are allowed to be at large within the city limits as stated in ordinance 7.36.030 (B).

For more information visit The Animal Foundation website, or you can contact the Community Cat Coalition of Clark County (C5).

Coyotes & Wildlife

Coyotes sightings are an everyday occurrence throughout all city of Las Vegas wards. Animal Protection Services will only respond to coyotes if the coyote is injured and fails to leave your property or if your cat or dog is attacked.

Please contact the Nevada Department of Wildlife if you have concerns regarding coyotes and wildlife in your neighborhood.

Mandatory Spay/Neuter Requirements

Dogs, cats, ferrets, pet rabbits and potbellied pigs that enter the city for any purpose must be spayed or neutered by four months of age unless the owner has a current exemption.

Exemptions Include:

  • The animal being incapable of breeding if a licensed veterinarian has so certified, in writing and under oath.
  • The animal being medically unsuited to undergo a spay or neuter procedure if a licensed veterinarian has certified, in writing and under oath, that a spay or neuter procedure would likely cause the animal's death or substantially aggravate a physical condition of the animal.
  • By a person holding a valid dog fancier's permit, cat fancier's permit, breeder's permit, or professional animal handler's permit issued pursuant to this Title. The exemption provided by this Subsection (E) does not apply to a potbellied pig subject to the requirements of LVMC 7.38.041.

 Noise Annoyance

Barking complaints are a civil process that residents in the city may use to try and resolve a barking issue. The person reporting must give their information and possibly appear in court if civil or criminal charges are brought against the dog owner.

Step 1: The first complaint should be called into our 24-hour dispatch at 702.229.6444 Option #2. A letter will be sent to the dog owner's address along with an educational pamphlet regarding barking dogs (we can provide the attachment in English and Spanish).

Step 2: If the barking continues, the complainant can call our dispatch after a 10-day waiting period to make a second complaint. At this time, a call will be entered for an officer to advise the owner of the second complaint in person. If our officer contacts the dog owner, the process will be explained to the dog owner regarding barking dogs.

Step 3: A 10-day wait period is required for the third complaint to be called into our dispatch if the barking does not resolve. At the time of the third complaint, the reporting party will be sent a packet that includes a voluntary statement, a noise annoyance log sheet, and an educational pamphlet regarding dogs barking. This packet must be completed in full and returned to Animal Protection Services.

Once the completed packet is received, the complainant and dog owner will be referred to mediation with the Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center. A letter will be sent to both parties with the necessary information to complete mediation.

If mediation fails, the city will afford the complainant with the option to issue a civil citation, which requires attendance at a hearing. If the civil citation process fails, the city will afford the complainant the option to issue a criminal citation, which may then be referred to the Las Vegas Municipal Court upon review by the Las Vegas City Attorney's Office.

Number Of Pets

No more than six dogs (over the age of three months) or six cats (over the age of four months) are allowed at one residence without a permit.

Pet Licenses, Permits & Information

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