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African American Museum

The African American Museum and Cultural Arts Center in the Historic Westside 

This proposed museum will be an anchor cultural facility celebrating the contributions of African Americans to the Historic Westside,  Las Vegas and beyond. It will be designed to connect the many and varied existing historic and cultural facilities in the community while expanding storytelling opportunities through collections and programming.

While no determination has been made on the size or scope of a new facility, the intent is to connect existing historical assets such as the Walker African-American Museum & Research Center and the Miller Street Building to a new facility or facilities that can tell a comprehensive story of the African-American experience. In addition to museum facilities that may include standing and rotating collections, under exploration is the development of a cultural arts center to incorporate African American art and artists of all varieties. To view additional information including meetings, powerpoints and survey results visit our Resources Section.

What are the potential sites for the proposed museum? 

The museum facility will be located in the Historic Westside, but a specific location has not been selected yet. The original HUNDRED Plan developed in 2016 envisioned a museum facility on Jackson Avenue, and the HUNDRED Plan in Action contemplates repurposing Ethel Pearson Park for the museum. The facility ultimately needs to be conceptually designed to determine if it would fit on either of those sites or be more appropriate elsewhere. 

What is the funding and timeline?

The city, stakeholders and community members are working on a timeline and key milestones. Facilities of this type are complex and can take time, but having a museum constructed and open within 5-10 years is a realistic possibility.

Where are the prospects for funding coming from?

The city is committed to initial funding of this effort through planning and programming dollars, and exploring capital contributions as well. Ultimately, funding a project of this size will require significant philanthropic contributions and partnerships.

How will other historic sites/facilities be connected to the museum?

Other historic sites and facilities that are part of telling the history of African Americans in Nevada will be part of the overall strategy for the museum and the community-wide programming plans to be developed.

How do I get involved?

Sign up for the HUNDRED Plan newsletter and stay tuned for more information related to community meetings and engagement.

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