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Traffic FAQ

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Can’t you just lower the speed limit to get motorists to slow down?

Research and studies have found that motorists will drive on a street at a speed they feel comfortable with, regardless of the posted speed. Posting artificially lower speed limits does not slow traffic and can increase the potential for accidents. Research has shown that roadways are safer when all vehicles travel around the same speed, thus the need to appropriately sign the roadway. Engineering studies are used to determine the posted speed limits. If you have further questions about speed limits or speeding, please contact us at 702. 229.6331 or transportation@lasvegasnevada.gov.

Cars are often speeding on the roads in my neighborhood. Can you install speed humps to encourage them to slow down?

The installation of speed humps or other traffic calming measures requires an evaluation of traffic volumes, speeds and crash history performed by our Transportation team. From our study, we will be able to make recommendations on appropriate treatments for the situation in question. To request a study in your neighborhood, please contact us at 702.229.6331 or transportation@lasvegasnevada.gov.

I had to wait through multiple cycles at a traffic signal before I was able to go through the intersection. Is there a way to re-time the signal so this doesn’t happen?

Traffic signal timing can be a tricky and sensitive subject. City staff coordinates with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada on timing of traffic signals throughout the city. Most traffic signals are coordinated to work with each other to minimize the number of stops along a corridor. Any issues that arise related to traffic signal timing can be passed along to our Transportation team for further study at 702.229.6331 or transportation@lasvegasnevada.gov.

Why doesn’t a specific intersection have a traffic signal?

The decision to install a traffic signal is based on a traffic engineering study and must follow federal guidelines and requirements. If there is an intersection that feels is unsafe or has high traffic volumes, contact us at 702.229.6331 or transportation@lasvegasnevada.gov for further study of the intersection.

How do I report malfunctioning or dark streetlights within the city?
To report issues related to streetlights, traffic signals, signs, pavement markings or traffic contact us at 702.229.6331 or transportation@lasvegasnevada.gov.

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