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The Donation Stations to End Homelessness are an innovative way to contribute to programs to reduce homelessness. Spare change will be directed into programs for those at risk of homelessness and those currently homeless in the city of Las Vegas.

Restored parking meters are painted a vibrant color and installed in strategic downtown locations with significant foot traffic and panhandling issues. Funds collected go directly to enhancing the city’s Housing and Homeless Services Program which assists the homeless or preventing homelessness with services such as transportation, shelter and other supportive essentials.

Homelessness impacts individuals from all walks of life regardless of age, sex, race, or religion, and each individual has a unique set of circumstances that put them in a situation of homelessness. Panhandlers account for less than half of the homeless population, and families with children are the fastest growing homeless segment. More than $12,000 has been collected from various donation stations and an additional $3,700 has been given in sponsorships and donations. To become a sponsor call 702-229-2330.

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