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Special Area Plans
Vision 2045 Downtown Master Plan
Las Vegas 2050 Master Plan


On July 21, 2021, the Las Vegas City Council adopted the 2050 Master Plan. The plan develops a clear vision and framework for the future of Las Vegas. It provides direction for development and provides recommendations that are relevant, clear and adaptable to change. The plan includes a wide range of public involvement that helped develop guiding principles to improve quality of life for all city of Las Vegas residents.

For additional information visit the Las Vegas 2050 Master Plan webpage. 

Historic Westside
Skye Canyon
Other Areas


2045 Downtown Master Plan

2045 Downtown Master Plan.jpg

On June 15, 2016, the Las Vegas City Council adopted the Vision 2045 Downtown Las Vegas Master Plan. The document replaces the Downtown Centennial Plan, which since 2000 guided the city policies and regulations and provided the envelope for urban design form within the downtown boundaries. The study area has been almost doubled, if compared to the previous plan, and the recognition of four new downtown districts now allows for the inclusion of some underserved areas that will benefit from the boundary expansion and the holistic direction for downtown. The document was built upon extensive outreach and outstanding participation from community members, stakeholders and government officials during all phases.

The plan revolves around the concept of mixed-use hubs, identified as the 10 catalytic areas for future investments, and the neighborhood centers for the 12 districts that constitute downtown. For each district the plan outlines its development needs, specific projects to be carried, a summary strategy, conceptual development yields to channel, and current and future transportation and land-use working material detailed to the parcel level. This solid base allowed the city and community to promptly start some of the projects, such as bike share, multi-modal transportation capital improvements, and a reconfiguration of the downtown trails and open space network.



The Vision 2045 Downtown Master Plan is currently in its implementation phase. View the implementation Plan presentation here.

Currently we are working on an innovative update to the zoning code for downtown, known as the Downtown Form-Based Code project. For more information on the Form-Based Code, visit www.formbasedcode.vegas

Downtown Civic Space and Trails Plan

On July 17, 2019 City Council adopted the Civic Space and Trails Plan. The plan recommends a strategy for increasing the number of parks, civic space and trails downtown. View the final plan

If you would like to speak directly with someone from the Department of Planning about this or other planning initiatives, feel free to email masterplan@lasvegasnevada.gov.

Thank you in advance for participating in the planning process, we look forward to reading your thoughtful feedback.