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Traffic Engineering

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Transportation Engineering provides planning, design, construction, operations analysis, maintenance services and private development coordination. For general transportation inquiries call 702-229-6327. For repairs and maintenance of traffic signals, signs, pavement markings, park and streetlights call 702-229-6075

Request A Speed Hump In Your Neighborhood

Speed humps are raised bumps placed across residential streets, designed to calm traffic in residential areas, near parks and schools where traditional methods of slowing traffic have not been effective. A residential street will qualify for the speed hump program based on the following criteria:

  • 800 vehicles a day
  • The two-lane street must be mainly residential or else have a park or school on the street
  • The speed limit must be 25 miles per hour
  • There may not be any regional transit bus routes on the street
  • The street cannot be a designated emergency response route

Any citizen or neighborhood association may request consideration for installation of speed humps by submitting a written petition with signatures from residents of at least 10 homes along that street. Refer to the Speed Hump Petition sample document for more information. You can make a request here.

Apply for a New Traffic Signal

Each year, we receive many inquiries concerning the installation of traffic signals. Before installing a traffic signal at an intersection, established minimum criteria must be satisfied. Our review includes an examination of:

  • The amount of vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • The need to provide interruption to the major flow for side street vehicles and pedestrians
  • Special conditions such as hills and curves
  • The accident history at the intersection
  • The proximity of schools

When you submit your request, be sure to include the name of the intersection where you feel placement of a traffic signal would be appropriate and why. Include your daytime telephone number in your correspondence so that we can contact you. You can make a request here.

Request to Install a Stop Sign

Stop signs are installed at an intersection only after a careful engineering evaluation of the existing conditions indicates that their installation is appropriate. A phone call or a written request is all that's needed to get stop sign information. Please identify the name of the intersection or street location of concern and why you feel particular a sign is appropriate. Your daytime telephone number is also needed so that Public Works staff can contact you with the outcome of the evaluation. You can make a request here.

Apply for Other Signs

The city places signs that are identified in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Some of the most common kinds of signs placed include stop signs, no outlet signs, no parking signs and speed limit signs. Children at play and similar signs are not recognized by the state of Nevada or the Federal Highway Administration as official traffic control devices. The city does not install these kinds of signs on Las Vegas streets. You can make a request here.


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